Mural Arts Studio San Francisco

Custom Fine Art Paintings Murals Tapestry Mosaic Finishes
Mural Arts is one of the world’s top producers of wall murals, mosaic murals, and custom paintings. Established more than twenty years ago by San Francisco mural artists Les Seymour and Brenda Cole Seymour, Mural Arts studio designs and creates the finest murals for hospitality, restaurants and residential projects worldwide. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern murals, hand-painted or mosaic murals, ceiling murals, digital printed murals or custom paintings, Mural Arts can create the perfect mural for you.

Custom Murals To Meet Your Needs
Based in San Francisco, California, Mural Arts creates murals for any theme or style, from historic to modern. We have produced a wide range of hotel lobby murals, restaurant wall murals, and retail store murals, as well as art deco style murals for cruise ships and exquisite hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper murals for residential dining rooms. Mural Arts has also created spectacular dome murals, church murals, and ecclesiastical paintings and mosaic honoring a diverse range of religious styles and beliefs. 

Hand Painted Works Using The Techniques Of The Old Masters
Mural Arts specializes in custom hand-painted murals, trompe l’oeil murals, painted tapestries, custom finishes, and fine art for hospitality, commercial, and residential interiors and exteriors. We also produce glass tile and painted mosaic murals suitable for interior or exterior installation. Most of our murals are created in our San Francisco mural painting studio, where we utilize the best mural painting techniques.

Quality And Durability Begin With Materials 
As professional mural artists, we have developed techniques for painting on acoustical fabrics as well as on fire retardant fabrics and surfaces. We also create original artwork for digital printed wall murals and fire-rated murals on fabric or canvas. The standard Mural Arts product is Class “A” fire rated, which is a requirement for resort hotel lobby wall murals, tapestry murals, printed murals, and public space murals. Our custom wall murals, tapestries and Italian glass tile mosaic murals are washable and exceed commercial durability standards.

Mural Arts Makes Your Space Unique
Whether you’re looking for sky murals for a ceiling or tapestry wall murals for a residence, Mural Arts produces the highest quality murals and artwork for any setting. Make your space truly unique with custom murals and artwork from Mural Arts. 

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