About Us

In the spirit of creative collaboration, Les Seymour and Brenda Cole Seymour founded Mural Arts studio more than twenty five years ago.  The professional mural painters work closely with interior designers, architects and developers in the design and execution of custom fine art murals, decorative painting, mosaic and large format printing.  The mural artists also work directly with residential owners to create the finest murals and paintings for homes.  One example may be custom hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper for a dining room.  While employing a small staff of highly skilled assistant artists, the professional muralists create murals, paintings and artwork for commercial and residential interiors and exteriors.  Mural Arts studio is known worldwide for their mastery of a diverse range of styles, themes and historical periods.  It would not be unusual to see part of the studio painting 18th c. style trompe l’oeil for a residence and on another wall, a 500 square foot airbrush and spray can aerosol street art ceiling mural for a nightclub.  A visit to the studio only weeks later and they might be completing a mid century modern painting and a mural in classical Pompeian fresco style.

Many of the projects at Mural Arts require a high level of artistic engineering.  For example; very large painted and mosaic murals are made in the San Francisco studio, then shipped in sections and installed to appear as though they were executed onsite.  In addition, the studio prides itself in creating art for any surface. Mural Arts has developed products and techniques for painting on acoustically transparent fabric, as well as a fresco finish on fabric that can be applied to compound curves such as a ceiling dome or vault.  Many of the murals and artworks incorporate metallic, pearlescent, Venetian plaster, or gold and silver leaf gilding. The mosaic murals are unique in that they include large amounts of iridescent, metallic and Italian gold leaf glass tile.

Whether restoration of historic murals, architectural decorative painting, Art Deco painting or metal and gold leaf gilding, all projects are carefully researched, designed and created by Les and Brenda Cole Seymour.

Recent projects completed by Mural Arts include:

  • Glass tile mosaic murals, Shanghai Disney Castle, China
  • Large format printed murals, Sanctuary, Sufism Reoriented, Walnut Ck., CA
  • Fine art prints, Devolver Digital, GHI Media
  • Fine art prints, Burning Man Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
  • Fine art paintings, Puccini Group, San Francisco, CA
  • Hand painted mural on concrete, Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco
  • Custom faux fresco painting, Brenda’s Meat & Three, San Francisco, CA
  • Custom wall and ceiling murals, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Fine art paintings, L’auberge Resort, Pinnacle Entertainment
  • Hand painted ceiling murals, Morgan residence, Pebble Beach, CA